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Registration is for Rec teams only, (U10 to U19).


This page contains the information needed for clubs to register rec teams with the EPYSA. --- The info is not for declaring teams for scheduling purposes. LARS declaration & scheduling info can be found here.


Intramural Teams Registration:

U9 and under are registered separately and you pay the fees for these teams directly to EPYSA.


EPYSA 2018 & 2019 Player Registration:


Team data needs entered into the EPYSA system no later than: 8-10-18


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The system used to register the teams is Group Net. If you already use Group Net as your club's player registration system this will save you time because player data is automatically added to the database as players are registered. If you use a different system for your parents to register the kids with your club then you will not need to key in each player's data to Group Net.


The full soccer year is comprised of a fall and spring season. The full season runs like a school year, fall is the first half of the season and spring the last half. Player fees are only required to be paid once per season. This means if a player's (John Doe) fee was paid in the fall and he plays again in the spring you do not need to pay a fee for John in the spring. You will only need to pay a fee for players that play in the spring.


If you have any questions about registering teams with the EPYSA please contact the league registrar.






Make sure that the Annual Membership Form for your club is up-to-date. Open this page and select >> 'For Individual Soccer Organizations'.



Your coaches need to get their clearances and register with Risk Management. This needs done so they are entered into the EPYSA database so you can create your teams. Clearance info.



Register each one of your teams using the Rec Team Builder. Not the players, the teams (e.g. U10, U12 etc.). Open this page and select >> Recreational Team Builder

Please Teams Registered by: 8-10-18



After the teams have been added - Add players to system (Team Management). - If you used Group Net as your club's registration system the players are already in the system. All you need to do is assign them to a team. If you used a different registration system, you will need to manually add each player on every team.

Players need added by: 9-3-18




After all the players are added and everything is approved the registrar will send each club an invoice. Payment will be due by 5 days after invoice is emailed by registrar. - If any players are added to to the roster after payment has been submitted, payment for the late registrars can be mailed after the due date.



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  • Rec Payments Due Date:
    Each club will receive an invoice from the LARS registrar for their rec payment.
  • Checks should be made out to LANCO.
  • Checks should have the club name in the memo.


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Checks should be made out to LANCO